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  • Junior
  • 18 - Distrito Federal - México
  • Publicado el viernes 30 de agosto de 2019
Turner Mexico is looking for an Efficiency Planner to join the Strategic Planning team. This position will contribute to the Ad Sales team in México with administrative support. The Efficiency Planner receives the transmision orders and materials from Clients and Agencies to book its on air and on digital platforms. Administrative support also include the monthly report of Preempts, Commercials Booked and aired in order to give the full information for billing, once the buy has finished. Main responsibilities: - To ensure the quality and timing of the adsales process to clients, including negotiation-execution-billing - in coordination to all the areas involved in each step of the process (Adsales, Media Planners, Sales Operations, Financial) and in direct contact with advertisers and/or agencies whenever necessary - to supervise that negotiation's conditions are fullfilled, both from clients and Turner; - 1. Receive and confirm orders from clients, verify that the rates are correct, based on Deal Letters. 2.Create the Convenio in Aleph System and send copy instructions to Sales Operations. 3.Keep track of the order until it is confirmed and booked in Aleph System. 4. Attend changes of materials in on air and digital bookings; - To coordinate with the Media Planners the correct booking process of Sponsorships, Special Events, Branded Content etc. in order to obtain reports for Ad Sales and STPL that show the real investment in the differents platforms, networks, events as a part of our internals metrics; - To maintain a fluent relationship with all Traffic Coordinators, Account Executives and Accounting Department to generate and practice quality controls from the booking to the invoicing process; - To maintain a fluent relationship with Clients and Agencies, in order to negotiate the Preempts and its reallocation, based on the available inventory. Capability of resolving different urgents issues that might present; - Responsible of the follow up to internet projects from the starting proposal to the booking of the proporsal. Responsible of the generation of internet reports once the digital campaing is finished. Requirements: - 2 years of experience in Media or Marketing; - Knowledge of billing and financials process; - Fluent English Language; - Focused, analityc and responsible.


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  • Formación: Universitario Finalizado
  • Idioma: Inglés Avanzado